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          Powered by ?, this highly specialized education portal is fully-dedicated to assisting Indigenous Students in researching and acquiring educational opportunities. Training resources, skill development, scholarship opportunities, and internships make this site ideal for Indigenous Students in all stages of their education. provides some of the best Indigenous Student opportunities in Canada.

          Opportunities and Postings

          Write Over Here: Screenwriting Residency Fall 2022- Banff Centre

          Banff Centre

          Application deadline: July 27, 2022

          Write Over Here is a three-week hybrid screenwriting residency that invites participants to focus on tools to create the time and space to write from home and at Banff Centre through? online and in-person programming.

          **** Financial aid of up to 100% of tuition, meals, and accommodation fee is available for this program

          For details or to register:


          Toll Free: 1-866-935-6904

          Fax: 1-866-402-9692

          Email: leadership@banffcentre.ca

          Click for more details

          Banff Centre 2022/2023 Indigenous Leadership Programs

          Banff Centre

          Register Now:

          Intermediate Project Management for Indigenous Organizations – Online – September 20- October 27, 2022 Register by August 23

          Intermediate Wise Practices in Indigenous Leadership – In-person – Oct 16-21 – Register by September 13

          Intermediate Negotiation Skills Training –? In person – December 4-9 – Register by November 1

          Introductory Negotiation Skills Training – January 24-27, 2023 – Register by December 13

          Intermediate Establishing Institutions of Indigenous Governance – In person? – February 5-10, 2023 – Register by December 13

          For details or to register: GotoInfo.ca/BanffCentre

          Toll Free: 1-865-935-6904

          Fax: 1-866-402-9692

          Email: leadership@banffcentre.ca

          Click for more details

          Two Upcoming Programs at Women Building Futures-Fort McMurray & Edmonton

          Women Building Futures

          Journeywoman Start – Application Deadline: August 14, 2022
          Class runs: April 3, 2023 – July 28, 2023

          To learn more, we invite you to visit: GotoInfo.ca/JourneyWoman

          Pre-Apprenticeship Heavy Equipment Technician – Application Deadline: July 10, 2022
          Class Runs: September 12, 2022 – October 7, 2022

          To learn more, we invite you to visit: GotoInfo.ca/Technician

          click for more details?

          Edu-Therapy Spring/Summer Certification Programs


          Calgary, AB …………. April 22 – 25
          Saskatoon, SK ……… May 13 – 16
          Winnipeg, MB ……… June 3 – 6
          Edmonton, AB …….. June 13 – 16
          Virtual* ……………… June 13 – 16
          Toronto, ON ………… TBA
          *Must commit to 4 consecutive full days of virtual training For a full listing of all Edu-Therapy? Certification Training dates, visit www.edutherapysolutions.com

          Toll Free: 1-866-476-0209
          Fax: 1-866-430-8296
          Email: grief@gotoregister.ca

          Click for more details?

          New Programs at WBF- Heavy Equipment Operator/ Technician

          Women Building Futures

          Syncrude Heavy Equipment Operator – Application Deadline: May 6, 2022. Class? Runs: August 29, 2022- September 9, 2022. To learn more GotoInfo.ca/Syncrude-HEO

          The Syncrude Heavy Equipment Operator Program is a two-week classroom training program to prepare women to begin their careers as a heavy equipment operator. This is a competitive program, with 16 seats available, and tuition is covered by Syncrude for successful applicants. Classroom training consists of two weeks, a combination of in-person in Fort McMurray and virtual, followed by 364 days of paid hands-on training by Syncrude north of Fort McMurray.

          Pre-Apprenticeship Heavy Equipment Technician –? Application Deadline: July 10, 2022? Class Runs: September 12, 2022 – October 7, 2022. To learn more GotoInfo.ca/Technician

          The Pre-Apprenticeship Heavy Equipment Technician program is a four-week training program designed to prepare women to begin their careers as a Heavy Equipment Technician (HET). Classroom training consists of completion of required safety tickets, hands-on training at Keyano College and WBF best practices to prepare the student to begin employment. This
          competitive program has 12 seats available and will offer an opportunity for its students to engage in a ten-month employment placement to ensure the hours and experience for their 1st year of technical training as a heavy equipment technician.

          Click for more details

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